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Kham TV brief introduction

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Kham Tibetan TV KBTV live in May 2009 in Sichuan SARFT approved to run, October 28, 2009, the four Chuan Kangba Tibetan TV channel pilot is successful, this is the second Tibet , after the Qinghai Tibetan TV channel, launched in the third Tibetan TV channel.         Sichuan Kham Tibetan Satellite TV Channel using a TV station logo and call sign, using the Kham Tibetan language broadcast, satellite, cable networks and wireless transmitter, etc. covering Sichuan, Tibet, Qinghai, Gansu, Yunnan and other western provinces 5 speaking areas of Kham Kham Tibetan TV channel broadcast 18 hours a day, in the program settings, Kham Tibetan-language channels to news and current affairs, special theatrical, film and television drama based, timely dubbed CCTV broadcast "News Network" . <