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AmdoTibetanTVchannel QinghaiTV QHTV Qinghai Pr 2014 http://www.qhbtv.com/cyzhibo/ Amdo TVDetails
དྲ་ ལམ་ བརྙན་ འཕྲིན ་. མཚོ་ སྔོན་ བོད་ སྐད་ རྒྱང་ སྒྲོག་ བརྙན་ འཕྲིན Qinghai Tibetan Amdo TV broadcast networks         Amdo Qinghai Satellite TV is the only television program broadcast on the new channel bilingual with Tibetan and Chinese, February 28, 2006 on Star, the Asian premiere. Formerly known as the Qinghai integrated channels, Qinghai Tibetan-language channels, 15 May 2015 changed its name to Amdo TV. Currently there are Amdo TV program "Snowy Footprints", "River spray", "Tibetan News Network", "News Forum", "plateau photo", "The Way to Wealth", "youth style" and "public theater "" moon and stars theater "," lunchtime theater "