HNWS Xuchang News Channel 快高清河南电信 Line

Xuchang News Channel brief introduction

XuchangTVnewschannel XuchangTV HNWS Henan Prov 2013 Xuchang News ChannelDetails
Xuchang news channel sections are offered "Xuchang News Network" (live), "Xuchang Zero" (live), "Focus 30", "Xiaohui movies", "frontier life" "market car video" and "about health", "consumption 3.15", "this week, Xuchang," "red rose big stage" and so on.         Xuchang official television station owes to the National Radio and Television approved the 1987 12 period, it is one of the major news organizations in Xuchang City, Xuchang important mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party, government and people of the city. Now we have three channels: News Channel, Public Channel, Science Channel, clear color channels. English abbreviation XCTV.         & nbsp;