HNWS Kaifeng eye color channe 河南移动标清 Line

Kaifeng eye color channels brief introduction

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unsealing eye color television broadcast channels KFTV-4         Kaifeng Radio and Television was founded in September 1, 1985, opening three television stations run television program "News Channel", "economic life channel" and "film culture channel." They were broadcast on politics, economy, science and technology, culture, education, legal, service, variety, drama, movies and television programs and other content. The total broadcast time up to 50 hours a day.         There are mainly running the column "Kaifeng News", "Ju City Report", "charm Kaifeng", "focus", "Opera big stage" and so on. Kaifeng television station Channel 6 broadcast programs. 7:00 every day until the end of the next day began broadcasting 2:00. Run by the "Kaifeng News", "Ju City Coverage," "north and south".