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Heilongjiang Agriculture and public channel brief introduction

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Heilongjiang public television channel HLJTV-6 on July 1, 2002 formally launched, for the province's 66 cities and counties, reflecting the focus on the development of urban and rural economy, rural science and technology popularization, enrich people's lives. At present, Heilongjiang public channel to begin broadcasting news columns are public network, MORALS focus, rural opera Court, two-person Grand View Garden, the newspaper on the shares, Chexingtianxia and so on. Black Dragon is a Chinese TV station to create one of the first three television stations. December 20, 1958 pilot, radio call sign outside Harbin; December 20, 1959, from the experimental to the official broadcast aired; August 1, 1978 the official call sign & ldquo; & rdquo ;; 1981 Heilongjiang Guide September March 28 to achieve color of broadcast; June 28, 1993 second