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Guizhou TV brief introduction

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Guizhou satellite TV GZTV-1 beagan to live in 1968, is China Guizhou TV star on the earliest and most extensive coverage of provincial satellite channels, 2006, Guizhou TV coverage of the population reached 517 million. Guizhou Radio and Television is November 25, 2011 by the merger of the Guizhou People's Broadcasting Station, Guizhou TV and other advantages of resources from the reorganization of large-scale comprehensive provincial radio and television media organizations, collection of radio, television, newspapers, Internet, new media, etc. a variety of business as a whole. Guizhou Province, Guizhou radio and television as an important news media and the ideological and cultural fronts, currently has seven frequency, 10 channels and two sites, 17 broadcasters, nine local offices.