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Southeast News Channel brief introduction

SoutheastTVnewschannel Qiandongnanradioandtelevision GZTV Guizhou Pr 2014 http://www.qdntv.com/ Southeast News ChannelDetails
Southeast News Channel QDNTV-1 is one of Qiandongnan radio and television channels subordinates. Southeast News, Southeast stories, the people up close, cattle in rivers and lakes, image Carey, legal Southeast, Southeast music, Dongzhai Miao village, a small trickle to help, Xiaoqiang said that net thing, people living survey, focus 119 Kay, as the city police, legal system and other dialects drama         is sponsored by the Southeast Guizhou Miao and Dong radio and television broadcasters Qiandongnan, covering Qiandongnan political news, community news, people's livelihood news, features Southeast Network News, the people up close, to help small trickle, Carey news channels and other video content. & Nbsp;