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Guangxi News channel brief introduction

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Guangxi Television News Channel GXTV-4 primary information channel in Guangxi, Guangxi, Guangxi TV news channel is the first region-oriented professional news channel, news channel main sections are Guangxi war fathers, spicy pot of the world, 2015 two special reports, sea ​​line case, a new life, a beautiful home, everything reasoning, online news, news first hit, the big online search, news, etc. 1230.   Guangxi TV station is the largest shareholder of Guangxi Radio and Television Information Network Co., Ltd., the satellite, arts, urban, information, public, film, sports seven channels have been achieved full coverage in Guangxi, for the first in the country; in the national capital city of Guangxi TV landing rate of 100%, the country covering a population of 800 million, and Hu has been in Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam