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Seven divisions movie channels brief introduction

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Seventh Division of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps to provide online on-demand movie channels and more Chinese and overseas blockbusters, focusing on dynamic information with multiple videos    Seventh Division of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps in Xinjiang Junggar Basin, located in the southwest of Kuitun River Valley, south of the Tianshan Mountains, north Gurbantünggüt Desert, the border with Kazakhstan. The division area of ​​5986 square kilometers, administer 10 Farms, agricultural planting base in a total population of 220,000, 190 acres of mature productive. Seven division has (Gongqing County) construction area set up county-level city in 130 Huyanghe group belongs, and its development orientation is an important fulcrum Ke Kuiwu town with a group of economic Tianshan Mountains, west of Oasis Ecology should Junggar Basin Metro Habitat .