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Jiaxing News Channel brief introduction

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Jiaxing TV news channel JXTV-1 is the most authoritative Jiaxing, Zhejiang TV channel. Jiaxing News Channel news-oriented program, supplemented by other comprehensive program, focusing on Jiaxing news, politics, economy, culture, weather and so on.         There are television Jiaxing Jiaxing TV news channel, TV Jiaxing cultural television channel, Jiaxing public television channel and three sets of live channels and network news Jiaxing integrated frequency FM10.4, Jiaxing Economic transportation frequency FM92.2, Jiaxing frequency musical life FM88.2 FM radio and other sets of 3.         Jiaxing TV station set up time is unknown, is one of the largest, most comprehensive strength Television Jiaxing area, has several decades of history. Jiaxing TV