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Chongqing life information channel brief introduction

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Life News Channel CQTV-9 former Chongqing TV channel columns have life Spicy, crooked song rampant, transportation Keys, tonight undefended, spicy rivers and lakes spread, spicy one and so on.         About 2006 Chongqing Chongqing TV news channel in spicy style on the basis of adhering to the Bayu narrative, the story hit China; channel positioning humanistic world slogan. From a simple spicy style to both spirit and form of the story, humanities; Chongqing news channel attention and effort to explore the core of the mass media, with the narrative form of the story, humanistic care to the public. April 2011 survey, Chongqing news channel since 2008 revision prominent red theme, the ratings fell sharply. March 15, 2012, the Chongqing News Network.